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funny rajnikant hindi jokes

funny rajnikant hindi jokes  

Rajni – hello i am Rajnikant calling
Ladka – ha pata hai…bol?
Rajni – tujhe kaise pata ki maine call kiya hai..?
Ladka – Mobile switch off tha mera!

Once Rajnikanth went to Mc’Donalds, He Ordered A Dosa,
but Mr. Mc’Donalds refused…
Since that day,
Mr. McDonald sits outside his own restaurant!!

Ek baar Rajnikanth Talwarbaaji ke ek muqabale mein pahunche.
Wahaa Cheen, Japan, aur Kayi Anya desho se talwarbaaji ke liye yoddha pahunche the
Pehle Chinese Talwarbaaj ne ek baal ke 2 tukde kar diye
Uske baad aaye Japani ne udati hui makkhi ki gardan kaat di
Phir aayi Apne Indian Rajnikanth Ki baaji….
Rajnikanth ne machchar udaya…
Apni talwar ghumaai…
Lekin machchar udata raha..
Japani aur Chinese dono hi kaafi khush hue, Aur unhone Rajnikanth se Puchha:
“Machchar to Abhi bhi udd raha hai?”
Rajnikanth ne muskurate hue jawab diya,
“Udd to raha hai, Lekin ab wah kabhi Baap nahin ban paayega”!!

Don’t worry guys, everything is fine.
My phone was on vibration. Uski wajah se earthquake aa raha tha..!!
Settings changed now.
Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

From :- Rajnikant

Mind It!

Rajnikanth can sneeze with open eyes.
Once Rajnikanth dropped a coin while he was standing in the belcony… He went down to pick it up, but it was not there! Reason? He reached there before the coin
The apple which fell on newton was actually thrown by Rajnikanth
Once Rajinikath blasted at a boy for not wearing cap in the hot sun. Today that boy is known as Himesh Reshammiya.
When Rajnikanth get angry at the Sun, it hides behind the moon… that phenomenon is called Solar eclipse.
Once Rajni was fined by cops for overspeeding at a 75 kilometers per hour zone. He was walking.
In Rajnikanth’s wedding, the fire took the saath phere of Rajnikanth and his wife
Rajnikanth can tie his shoes with his feet.
Rajnikanth once wrote his autobiography. Today that book is known as ‘Guinness book of world records’ and his childhood homework is now called Wikipedia.
Rajnikanth first takes the gold medal and then the race starts
Rajnikanth laughs at you and your silly jokes about him even before you think them up.
Some actor set benchmarks in cinema, Rajnikanth sets desk marks
Whenever Rajnikanth makes an error, it’s an invention.
Only Rajnikanth knows Choli Ke Peechhe Kya Hai.
Rajnikanth twice won arguments with his wife.
How did Paul Octopus die? He was asked to predict Rajanikanth’s death.
Rajnikanth had to make 24 runs in just 1 ball remaining. He hit the ball in such a way that it got broken into 4 pieces and he got 4 sixes.
Even Ghajini remembers Rajini.
Don Ko Pakadna Mushkil Hi Nahi Asaan Hai – For Rajnikanth
Rajnikanth can make a fire by rubbing two ice-cubes together.
Every morning rajni goes for spacewalk.
Computer doesn’t give warning message to Rajini… Rajini warns computer

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