Santa Banta Hindi Funny Jokes

 Santa Banta Hindi Funny Jokes

Bank manager asks Santa in an interview: "What is cyclone"
Santa: "It is the loan given to purchase a cycle"

Interviewer: What is a skeleton?
Santa: Sir, skeleton is a person who started dieting,
but forgot to stop it!!

Santa: Mera beta motorcycle se gir gaya

Doctor: I can't understand Hindi. Can you tell in English
Santa: My londa gironda from Hero Honda !!!

Santa was drawing money from ATM.

A person, who was just behind him in the line said, "Ha! Ha! Haaa! I've seen ur password. Its 4 asterisks
Santa replies, "Ha! Ha! Ha! You are wrong. Its 1258."

Salesman: Sir, do you want this powder ?

Santa: For what ?
Salesman: For ants
Santa: No. If I give powder today, they will ask lipstick tomorrow!!
How do you identify a Santa in a classroom ?

It is simple.. check who's erasing his notes when the teacher is cleaning the board. !!!!
Santa was writing past tense of "I make a mistake"

Guess what he wrote ?
"I was made by a mistake"😜😜

Santa was getting bitten by mosquitoes the whole night. He got irritated. He drank the poison and said: "Ab kaato saalo... Sab maroge"

The most dangerous joke till date:
Banta: How the word 'Wife' was invented?
Santa: They took the first two and last two letters of 'Wildlife'

santa - Safola oil toh de diya bhaiya. Is kee sath ka gift nahi diya.
Shopkeeper - Isske sath koyi gift nahi hai.
Santa - Ullu matt banao isme likha hai "Cholesterol Free"

Santa - How many apples can you eat on an empty stomach?
Banta - I can eat 6 apples.
Santa - Wrong. you can eat only 1 apple on empty stomach bcoz when you eat the 2nd apple that's not an empty stomach!
Banta: Wow superb joke. I'll tell my friend..
Bant to Rahul - How many apples you can eat on an empty stomach?
Rahul - I can eat 10.
Banta - Pagal.. 6 bolta to mast joke sunata!!

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